Microsoft’s 2024 Surface AI event: news, rumors, and lots of Qualcomm laptops

Microsoft brought together Windows, AI, and Arm processors at their Surface event on May 20th. We tracked all the announcements here and provided live updates and reactions.

The major highlight was the introduction of a new class of PCs called Copilot Plus PCs. These computers are equipped with processors that have NPUs (Neural Processing Units) built in, enabling them to perform more AI-oriented tasks directly on the device rather than relying on the cloud. One of the notable AI features is a new Windows capability called Recall.

Additionally, Microsoft unveiled a new Surface Laptop and Surface Pro Tablet powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon X processors. These devices are expected to be thinner, lighter, and offer better battery life while handling AI and processor-intensive tasks efficiently. Microsoft wasn’t alone at the event—HP, Asus, Lenovo, Dell, and other manufacturers also showcased their new Copilot Plus PCs.

The combination of thinner, more efficient laptops with advanced AI tools like Copilot could redefine our expectations for Windows PCs. As Tom Warren noted in his Notepad newsletter before the event, “Microsoft has clearly grown tired of Intel’s failed attempts at a comeback, so it’s going all in on these latest Qualcomm chips — and bringing its closest PC partners along for the ride.”

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