Mostbet Turk Kayit: Mobil Optimizasyon ve Bonus Promosyonlari

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Apple plans Mac line overhaul with AI-focused M4 chips, Bloomberg News reports

According to Bloomberg News, Apple is reportedly nearing the production phase of its M4 computer processors, which are expected to feature AI processing capabilities. The company plans to update every Mac model with these new chips, aiming for a release late this year and early next year. The updated lineup is said to include new iMacs, a 14-inch MacBook Pro, both low and high-end versions, as well as Mac minis.The PC industry has seen a decline since the peak of pandemic-driven sales for remote work and learning. To reignite growth, manufacturers are banking on a new wave

Professional Growth, Technology

OpenAI expands its custom model training program

OpenAI is expanding its Custom Model program to assist enterprise clients in creating tailored generative AI models for specific applications and domains. Launched last year at OpenAI's DevDay conference, Custom Model has attracted "dozens" of customers, prompting OpenAI to enhance the program to optimize performance further.The expanded program introduces two key components: assisted fine-tuning and custom-trained models. Assisted fine-tuning utilizes advanced techniques, including additional hyperparameters and parameter efficient fine-tuning methods, to improve model per

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Scientists Achieve New Record for Internet Speed of 301 Terabits Per Second

The recent advancement in internet speed technology achieved by researchers at Aston University in the UK marks a significant leap in data transmission rates over standard optical fiber cables. With an impressive transmission rate of 301,000 Gbps, the researchers have showcased the potential for greatly improving internet speeds without the necessity of completely overhauling existing infrastructure.At the heart of this breakthrough lies the utilization of novel wavelength bands that introduce additional colors to the optical spectrum, thereby expanding the capacity for dat

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Behind the plot to break Nvidia’s grip on AI by targeting software

Nvidia's $2.2 trillion market cap has been attributed to its production of artificial intelligence chips, which have become integral to the new era of generative AI, with major players like startups, Microsoft, OpenAI, and Google's parent company, Alphabet, relying on them. The company's CUDA software platform, used by over 4 million global developers, has further cemented its dominance by making competition extremely challenging.However, a coalition of tech giants including Qualcomm, Google, and Intel is aiming to disrupt Nvidia's stronghold by targeting its proprietary so

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