REvil ransomware group arrested in Russia

Authorities in Russia said that they have knock down the ransomware criminal group REvil and charged a few of its individuals.

The United States had offered a compensation of up to $10m (£7.3m) for data prompting the gangsters, following ransomware assaults.

Russia’s intelligence bureau FSB said the group had “stopped to exist”.

In any case, it doesn’t create the impression that any Russian individuals from the gang will be handed over to the United States.

The agency said it had acted after provided with data about the REvil pack by the US.

As indicated by the Russian state news administration Tass, REvil “created malignant programming” and “coordinated the robbery of cash from the financial balances of foreign residents”.

The FSB said it had held onto in excess of 426 million rubles (£4m), including about £440,000 worth of cryptocurrency

It additionally held onto more than 20 “premium vehicles” which had been bought with the returns of crime.

“The coordinated criminal association has stopped to exist and the information utilised for criminal objects was neutralised,” the FSB said in a statement.

Russia’s declaration comes during a stalemate between the United States and Russia.

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